This is what computer science is about:

Work Logger like XWEM work logger but without the need to run XWEM. This code simply records what X11 window is in the current focus. Half of it logs the data and the other half renders a pie chart and gives you a summary of your usage. Released under GPL2. (As of 2005-06-05 I uploaded a new version). worklogger.tar.gz. You need Perl with GD::Graph and X11::Protocol installed.

ATTN: I have a new version which is more intricate. It uses a hacked version of xscreensaver to record idle-times. To get the latest version of worklogger and idle-watcher just run:
darcs get
darcs get
Remember to autoconf, ./configure, make, make install idle-watcher and make an idle, notidle script in your path to make a ~/.idle file (or delete it). If you email me about usage I'll gladly write something better up.
Here's OStitch, a audio mangler written in OCaml, it replaces sounds with similar sounds: Ostitch
Here is my webcam csound instrument written in OCaml, it uses the webcam for input data: zengarden.tar.gz.

Here was a prototypical explanation of it: zengarden.pdf

Do you like OCaml? Do you like JACK? Do you want to use OCaml and Jack (Jackit) together? OCaml-Jack? OCamlJack?


darcs get
Also checkout: , it has the latest version of ocaml-jack.
I am venting my frustration with vision, see my OCaml captcha breaker at