What does OStitch include?
  • Audio Collage / Mosaic
  • MIR Instruments
  • OCaml Sound Library
  • UDP network support

Hello, I'm Abram Hindle, the author of OStitch.

Ostitch is an audio collager. An audio collager takes input source audio and produces output source audio which is composed of chunks of the input. It is related to Concatenative Sound Synthesis. The output is usually is meant to mimic another signal (like a song or speech). Ostitch is implemented OCaml with platform support for Linux (ALSA is used for sound I/O). OStitch is released under the GPL. This software was built as part of the course requirements of George Tzanitakis's MIR Course at the University of Victoria in 2005


  • Latest OStitch Source (1.0).
    OStitch-1.0.tar.gz includes SNDlib and Sndcaml
      - Sound Libraries for ALSA for OCaml.


  • OCaml 3.0.8 or better
  • extLib
  • ALSA
  • Linux 2.4 or greater
  • Perl, Perl::Tk (optional)
  • GCC, GNU Make



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I hope you enjoy OStitch!